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emergency message

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Subject: RE: [emergency] editorial review of EDXL document.

This is great!. Since the documentation is generated directly from the schema without re-keying, I will make the changes and provide them to Michelle to update the html file.

Sylvia Webb 
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From: Ellis, David [mailto:dellis@sandia.gov]
Sent: Wednesday, August 17, 2005 7:08 PM
To: Michelle Raymond
Cc: emergency@lists.oasis-open.org
Subject: [emergency] editorial review of EDXL document.

Michelle and TC

Editing Comments for EDXL Distribution elements:


1.6 Should Section 1.6 have references to ISO-8601 format for DateTime, ISO 3166-1 and 2 and UN/LOCODE used in the targetArea container element?


2.2 This section still refers to Message Element rather than Content Object. Suggest replacing all occurrences.


2.3 There is no content in this section.  Can we leave these examples until final distribution or should examples like CWID or the Golden Gate Bridge be added.


Update definition in <distributionType>:  Could an update message only augment with additional information.  I see this especially if a new <contentObject> was added or new elements were added to existing <namespacedXMLContent> and resent.


Every element with uses the type “list, value pair” would be more accurately stated as

List, and associated Value(s).

Definition of 1. This could read “The list, and associated value(s) is in the form

Definition of 2. This could read “Multiple instances of the <valueListUrn>, and associated <value> (s) MAY occur within a single <container element>”


3.2.3 Should add a sentence “Additional elements (metadata) used for specific distribution of the <contentObject> payload or hints for processing the payload are also present in the <contentObject> container element.


Based on the definition above content description, size, digest elements are all specific to uri, and defRefUri and may be better in the choice.


I really pondered Art definition of what should be in the <contentObject> metadata elements and agree location is context about content.  I feel size and digest will be discussed more tomorrow so I will leave it there.


3.2.5 Could read “List, and associated Value(s) Support”


David E. Ellis
Information Management Architect
(505) 844-6697

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