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emergency message

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Subject: Wording for section 2.3.x



Here is example use case wording for the EDXL message in the current document.


2.3.x  Request for law enforcement evaluation of potential nuclear terrorism


An Isotopic Radiation detector monitoring traffic entering San Francisco detects potential special nuclear material (SNM).  The detector transmits the detection to the sensor concentrator which activates a series of cameras which photograph the suspect vehicle.  The combined detection event is transmitted via a private network to a manned sensor management system.  The operator examines the captured images and the occupants are evaluated. The operator determines the 40% chance of SNM warrants addition investigation of the vehicle, occupants and its contents.  An EDXL distribution message is created which includes the original detection information, an embedded image of suspect vehicle with license plate information, a password protected internet accessible URL of all the images and a CBRN CAP 1.1 alert message to various law enforcement and incident management centers.  The National Alerting system determines subscription to CBRN CAP 1.0 alerts are active and performs a transformation of the CAP 1.1 alert to CAP 1.0 for legacy systems.  The EDXL distribution message with five content objects is transmitted by the National Alerting system to all subscribing agencies.




David E. Ellis

Information Management Architect

(505) 844-6697


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