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emergency message

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Subject: Fwd: [emergency] EDXL_DE - Notes from the meeting to help with minutes and issues list.

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: Michelle Raymond <michellearaymond@gmail.com>
Date: Aug 18, 2005 9:07 PM
Subject: Re: [emergency] EDXL_DE - Notes from the meeting to help with
minutes and issues list.
To: Renato Iannella <renato@nicta.com.au>


This is in response to some of your questions.

Below is some explanation as to what was going through our heads
during this "morning's" meeting.

> > Issue 8:
> > Proposal: change to container structure:
> >     <explicitAddress> *
> >         <explicitAddressScheme> 1 <--- type = xsd:string  def: use
> > examples
> > - email, USMTF (for military use) , etc...
> >         <explicitAddressValue>  + (--- type = xsd:string
> >     </explicitAddress>
> Why not reuse:
>       <valueListUrn>valueListUrn</valueListURN>
>       <value>value</value>
> here?

The <valueListUrn> contains the name of a certified list maintained by
the Community of Interest (COI) for the referencing of values.

We didn't know of any existing such "lists" that describe formats for
contacting a person, group or system.  Some example types are(email
address, instant message address, phone number, and USMTF).  Without
knowledge of "lists" that can be readily accessed, we chose to keep it
very generic and call it a 'scheme,' allowing any "string" for the
time being.

>> Issue 3:
> >                <xmlContent> (namespace here)
> >                        <keyXMLContent>
> >                        <embeddedXMLContent>
> >                <xmlContent>
> > </contentObject>
> What is the difference between these two:
>   <keyXMLContent> and <embeddedXMLContent>
> ?

The full xml content:
<embeddedXMLContent> is an open container for valid XML from an
explicit namespaced XML Schema. Enclosed XML content may be encrypted
and/or signed within this element.

Key xml content pieces pulled from the full xml content:
<keyXMLContent> is acontainer element for collected fragments of a
valid XML.  The extracted fragments must come from the XML document
contained within the <embeddedXMLContent> element within the current
<xmlContent> block.

<xmlContent xmlns:cap="urn:oasis:names:tc:emergency:cap:1.1">
       <cap:event>Nuclear Release</cap:event>
       <cap:alert xmlns:cap="urn:oasis:names:tc:emergency:cap:1.1">

               <cap:status>Actual  . . .
               . . .
                   <cap:event>Nuclear Release</cap:event>
                   <cap:severity>. . .
                   . . .

Best regards,


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