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emergency message

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Subject: Re: [emergency] Fwd: OASIS EM TC Category for EDXL standards

This strikes me as the wrong way to do the right thing.  Certainly  
there should be grant guidance language that promotes the use of open  
standards and even perhaps particular ones.

But this has the regrettable appearance of an attempt to carve out  
some bureaucratic turf for EIC and the DM program, by designating  
them as the sole legitimate source of such standards... even before  
those standards are identified, evaluated or even created.

I would think that an eclectic profile of recommended standards,  
drawing from all the available sources and updated from time to time  
as new standards are formalized and old ones are updated, would be  
much more in the inclusive spirit of NEIM.

And from a more tactical point of view, I think it could actually be  
damaging to the current positive reception and uptake of CAP within  
its target domain (alerting and warning) to complicate things by  
confusing it with the much broader, and as yet much less mature, EDXL  

For some time now our workplan has been to continue to promote and  
develop CAP separately while EDXL develops and mature, and then to  
create a fully EDXL-compliant version at CAP 2.0.

I don't believe OASIS or the TC ought to change that approach for  
what appear to be merely bureaucratic reasons.  Funding guidance  
language certainly could be written to include CAP and EDXL  
specifically without conflating the two prematurely or preemptively  
excluding other potential sources of valuable standards.

Aside from being bad practice technically, I don't think OASIS and  
this TC want to get embroiled in external jurisdictional issues...  
especially not at a time where the whole current structure of  
emergency management is undergoing so much scrutiny at the highest  
policy levels.

- Art

On Sep 12, 2005, at 9/12/05 3:25 PM, Elysa Jones wrote:

> TC Members,  I received the following email from Bill Kalin  
> representing the DHS/DM program.  There is specific grant guidance  
> language proposed for our review.  I would prefer discussion begin  
> on the list and then we can take it up at the next regular TC call  
> 9/20.  Elysa
>> From: "Kalin, Bill" <Bill.Kalin@associates.dhs.gov>
>> To: "'ejones@warningsystems.com'" <ejones@warningsystems.com>
>> Cc: Matt Walton <mwalton3@gmail.com>, "Hines, Chip"  
>> <Chip.Hines@dhs.gov>,
>>         "Baker, Ashley" <Ashley.Baker@associates.dhs.gov>,
>>         "McIntyre, Robert" <Robert.Mcintyre@associates.dhs.gov>,
>>         "Wood, Mark" <Mark.Wood@associates.dhs.gov>
>> Subject: OASIS EM TC Category for EDXL standards
>> Date: Fri, 9 Sep 2005 10:11:51 -0400
>> Elysa - We have been asked by the Office of Management and Budget  
>> (OMB) to create standardized RFI/RFP language that federal  
>> agencies would required to use when seeking to purchase an  
>> incident management software application.  We want to be able to  
>> refer to EDXL as a single set of standards as opposed to listing  
>> them all individually, including CAP.  This is the first step in  
>> creating common grant guidance language that will be required when  
>> local, tribal and state governments are seeking to purchase  
>> incident management tools with DHS grant money.  We believe this  
>> will strongly facilitate the adoption of standards within the  
>> vendor community and further develop this emerging market.
>> What can be done via OASIS to help create this single type of  
>> category under the OASIS TC?  I am attaching a draft of proposed  
>> language for the RFI/RFP's which includes a desired reference to  
>> the OASIS web site.
>> Bill Kalin
>> Disaster Management eGov Initiative
>> Office of the Chief Information Officer
>> Emergency Preparedness and Response/FEMA
>> Department of Homeland Security
>> (202) 646-4347
>> bill.kalin@associates.dhs.gov
> <Purchase_Guidance_DM.doc>
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