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emergency message

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Subject: EIC Meeting 9/15/05

Dear TC Members,

The following report of the EIC meeting is provided below for your review 
so as not to take up too much time during the TC call.

My report to the EIC:
1.  OASIS wide ballot for CAP 1.1 will be out Sept 16-28.  Please have any 
organizational members be sure and vote during that time.
2.  The EDXL DE is now out for public comment.  That period will end 
10/28/05.  No substantive comments have yet been received.
3.  The resource draft specification was received by the TC, agreed to be 
within our charter and the TC voted to accept it as a work product.
4.  The TC would like to have the requirements for resource provided 
separately from the detail of the draft as part of the hand-off to the TC.

There were four issues that came from the EM-TC meeting that I was to take 
to the EIC for guidance/clarification as presented below:

1.  Platform for testing EDXL DE.  Now that the DE is in public comment, we 
are in need of a test platform for those writing to the new draft 
specification.  MyStateUSA was on the call and offered up their services if 
they can be of assistance on this.  The EIC will work with DM to finalize a 
date when  a test platform could be available.  I also talked to Chip Hines 
(DMPO) in a subsequent meeting.  He believes DMIS should provide this and 
it should be done soon so that folks will have what they need for testing.

2.  Managed list data for keyword.  The EIC agreed that they need to 
provide this to the TC as originally agreed.  Some data is available that 
was included in the draft during the hand-off.  This will be a start but 
they agree to take this on with regard to establishing a method to gather 
and provide this data.

3.  Resource "out of scope" issue.  I brought this topic up to the EIC and 
was told that although the practitioners felt like the at incident tracking 
of resources would be difficult if not impossible in the real world, it was 
not "required" to be out of scope.

4.  Hand-off requirements in general.  We discussed the format of the 
hand-off from the DM/EIC and the fact that no independent set of 
requirements were provided.  The EIC suggested that the TC provide a format 
for expressing these requirements for future use.  If that template could 
be provided soon, Tim and Lee could populate it from the work they have 
already done while going through the process.  This seemed to be the most 
expeditious way to get these documented in a way the TC desires.

Other topics discussed:
1.  There will soon be a "have-bed" draft specification handed off to the 
TC.  This message apparently can exist on its own as a payload of the DE or 
be a message under resource.  The TC will be getting this in the next 
couple of weeks.
2.  In light of Katrina and the resource issues, the standardization of the 
resource message has quite a bit of visibility.
3.  We discussed the upcoming demonstration possibilities.  Public Safety 
Oct 30-Nov 2 - DM will be doing a presentation here.  No booths are 
available but there may be a panel discussion of standards and the 
process.  IAEM Nov 12-16 - DM had not planned to conduct a demonstration 
but may reconsider.  They will be attending.  We discussed that the week of 
IAEM is the anniversary of the DE being handed off to the EM-TC and it will 
be out of public comment by that time.  It might be a good time to 
highlight the work that has gone on in developing standards for emergency 
management.  I also discussed this with the current and incoming presidents 
of IAEM in recent weeks.  XML 2005 will be Nov 14-18.  Patti Aymond and I 
will present a paper 11/17/05 entitled "Proliferation of OASIS Common 
Alerting Protocol (CAP).
4.  Grant guidance.  The email sent out to Bill Kalin was to be sent to the 
TC Chair only although he didn't specify that, so I sent it to the 
list.  This was a VERY preliminary draft of the guidance language and is 
not ready for prime time.
5.  Don Ponikvar of the EIC is now working in the DNDO office and was 
interested in any work being done on sensor standards.  I told him about 
the interest of the TC in this topic and that the possibility is being 
review in the IF SC to address a sensor standard.  I will forward more info 
to the TC list as he provides.  He has requested the EIC to provide some 
detailed information.  If he agrees I will forward this to the list as well.

Respectfully submitted,
Elysa Jones, Chair
Engineering Program Manager
Warning Systems, Inc.
256-880-8702 x102
256-694-8702 cell

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