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emergency message

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Subject: Face to Face

Dear EM-TC Members,

During the meeting yesterday we discussed having a F2F meeting in the near 
future.  As we found with our meeting during the OASIS conference in New 
Orleans, we can get quite a bit of work done when we can get around a table 
together.  The date that seemed to work for most members was Oct 19.  The 
best location appears to be DC.  Several of our members that have offices 
in the area are looking into being our host.  We will plan to also have a 
speaker phone where we can conference in any participants that can't be 
there in person.  The specific agenda topic for this F2F will be 
Resource.  Please let me know if you will be available for this meeting 
either in person or by telecon.  Thanks.

Elysa Jones, Chair
Engineering Program Manager
Warning Systems, Inc.
256-880-8702 x102
256-694-8702 cell

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