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Subject: EDXL DE - XML Schema Issue

There are a few major/minor issues with the XML Schema used in EDXL  
DE CD 1.0 (19 Aug 2005).

1 - It does not support ANY reusability as all the elements and  
datatypes are locally defined.
       (Common datatypes should be globally defined and reused, for  
example for valueListURN.)

2 - It uses full element names (including the angle brackets) in the  
Annotation elements which
       renders it as an *invalid* schema (tested with XML Spy and  

3 - It does not define attributes that are mandatory (eg for circle  
and polygon).

4 - Does not support a single top level parent element which means  
that having a valid EDXLdistribution
       is not possible.

5 - valueListURN and value elements can occur in semantically  
incorrect sequences.

1 - It references Schemas to import that are not required.

2 - It is extremely verbose as it repeats all the documentation from
       the specification in the annotation elements (double  
maintenance effort required)
       and difficult to read.

3 - Should define the targetNamespace as the default namespace.

I am happy to propose an updated XML Schema that addresses the above  
is the TC feels this is appropriate.

Cheers...  Renato Iannella
National ICT Australia (NICTA)

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