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emergency message

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Subject: Tuesday EM-TC meeting

Hey folks,

I am going to have some oral surgery on Monday and will be pretty much out 
of commission Mon and Tues.  Our TC meeting this time is important to 
moving the EDXL-DE toward a balloted vote on Dec 7.    Could someone please 
conduct the meeting on Tues in my absence?

The agenda would be 1)  review/comment/vote on minutes of the last meetings 
that have not been approved (if a quorum is available) - maybe Julia could 
take this. 2) Review the current document as posted to be sure all comments 
formerly agreed to are properly incorporated.  3)  Review any new 
comments/issues that have been raised on the list with regard to the 
DE.  4)  Status of DE "in use" (Dave, Patti, Gary)

Since the IF-SC is just before, some of the DE issues could possibly be 
addressed ahead of time and then just continued on in the EM-TC meeting and 
voted on if a quorum is available.

If no one is able to take this on or if you would rather, we could possibly 
move the meeting to Thursday.

Elysa Jones, Chair

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