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emergency message

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Subject: Re: [emergency] DE issues for review and disposition

On 30 Nov 2005, at 06:10, Tim Grapes wrote:

ISSUE 1 - Multiple payloads / distribution types

DE can carry multiple payloads, and I just now see a change that shows that DistributionType can be one or MANY as it should be (so that different payloads in the same DE may have different distrType).   E.g. A DE with 2 payloads – one payload may be a “response” and the other be a “request”.  This is a valid requirement, but then requires a way to associate distibutiontype(s) with different payloads.  There are also other business needs to relate together multiple payloads within the same distribution.


  1. Formalize a business rule where payloads must always have the same DistributionType.  Otherwise, separate messages must be created for each, or
  2. How to associate things to payloads?  Perhaps add an element to the DE contentObject segment called something like "contentID", providing a unique way to identify each payload?
Third option is to move the <distributionType> element inside <contentObject>
then it will then apply directly to the payload(s).
Also, best to rename the element to something more meaningful, eg <messageFunction>

ISSUE 2 – Incident Identifier and Description 1 or many?

Same issue as above.  If the business rule above is implemented, then multiple payloads within a DE need to be related to the same incident.  Otherwise, need a way to relate Incident ID’s and Desc’s with each payload (the “contentObject” thought above?).

I would prefer to see a "business rule" that makes it clear that a DE payload refer to one incident only.
(ie Send multiple DEs for different incidents)

Cheers...  Renato Iannella
National ICT Australia (NICTA)

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