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emergency message

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Subject: Fwd: [emergency] FW: Updated EDXL Comments spreadsheet

Hi Sylvia, Everyone,

Dave sent this out during our last meeting. I believe it is the 
latest version of the issues list with all of the dispositions. I 
hope Julia's notes can clear up the resolution of Renato's issues as 
much as we can settle those, because he was working without the 
issues list dispositions, particularly the three sensor message 
types. Perhaps someone can help with my teflon memory on Renato's 
questions. I believe we may not be able to answer them until we have 
a version of the schema with the missing message types and anything 
else that may have been missed due to not having the complete 
dispositions on the last issues list.


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>Date: Tue, 29 Nov 2005 10:42:44 -0700
>Thread-topic: Updated EDXL Comments spreadsheet
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>From: "Ellis, David" <dellis@sandia.gov>
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>Subject: [emergency] FW: Updated EDXL Comments spreadsheet
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>This is what Tom sent out.
>David E. Ellis
>Information Management Architect
>(505) 844-6697
>From: Tom Merkle [mailto:TMerkle@capwin.org]
>Sent: Monday, November 07, 2005 11:48 AM
>To: Elysa Jones; Ellis, David; Art Botterell; hamg@battelle.org; 
>michellearaymond@gmail.com; Rex Brooks; Julia Ridgely; 
>Subject: Updated EDXL Comments spreadsheet
>Here's the final from today's marathon meeting. Please review the 
>resolution sections carefully.
>Tom Merkle
>CapWIN:        <http://www.capwin.org/>www.capwin.org
>Phone:          (301) 614-3720
>Cell Phone:   (240) 375-1966
>Fax:               (301) 614-0581
>e-mail:           <mailto:tmerkle@capwin.org>tmerkle@capwin.org
>6305 Ivy Lane Suite 300
>Capital Office Park
>Greenbelt, MD 20770
>Content-Type: application/vnd.ms-excel;
>  name="EDXL_DE_Issues_11-07-05 Rev 01.xls"
>Content-Description: EDXL_DE_Issues_11-07-05 Rev 01.xls
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>  filename="EDXL_DE_Issues_11-07-05 Rev 01.xls"
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Rex Brooks
President, CEO
Starbourne Communications Design
GeoAddress: 1361-A Addison
Berkeley, CA 94702
Tel: 510-849-2309

EDXL_DE_Issues_11-07-05 Rev 01 1.xls

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