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Subject: Happy New Year


I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas and a Happy New Year.  We have 
our next TC meeting scheduled for next Tues 1/10/05.  The SC meeting 
schedules are not appearing on the TC calendar right now.  I trust the 
chairs of these subcommittees are setting up their new schedules for 
2006.  We still do not have a free telecon call-in line, so be sure and 
check the site just before the meeting for the correct information.  We 
have been using "Free Conference" to set up the meetings lately.  The 
conference is free but the number is not toll free.

Please review and comment on the latest postings on the EDXL-DE.  We would 
like to get this finalized and accepted as a committee draft soon.  We will 
need to do a 15 day public review once we are happy with the 
document.  Comments will only be allowed on what has changed.

Hope to have you all on the call next Tuesday.


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