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emergency message

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Subject: RE: [emergency] FW: Suggestion: Add incidentKeyword tocontentObject

I concur, and I think that this would necessitate 
another 60-day review because it is a 
"substantive" change.


At 9:12 AM -0500 1/30/06, Tim Grapes wrote:
>Just to make sure we are clear, the incidentID and Description are already
>included in the ContentObject as optional.  Being optional, an incident may
>or may not be related to the content, and the spec contains a business rule
>that each DE may contain only one content object.
>Mark is suggesting addition of an optional incidentKeyword to classify the
>incident, which is not a complicated request.  I think the decision really
>comes down to where we draw the line and get the DE published, and where we
>begin considering additional requests for the next version.
>Tim Grapes
>Evolution Technologies, Inc.
>Disaster Management egov Initiative
>Science and Technology Directorate/OIC
>Department of Homeland Security
>Office:  (703) 654-6075
>Mobile:  (703) 304-4829
>-----Original Message-----
>From: Rex Brooks [mailto:rexb@starbourne.com]
>Sent: Friday, January 27, 2006 5:04 PM
>To: Aymond, Patti; emergency@lists.oasis-open.org
>Subject: Re: [emergency] FW: Suggestion: Add incidentKeyword to
>Hi Folks,
>However, good a suggestion it might seem, I'm not
>sure the contentObject requires an incidentID,
>since it might not be related to any specific
>incident, or it might refer to several
>simultaneous incidents, and figuring this out is
>not going to be a trivial task.
>At 11:37 AM -0600 1/27/06, Aymond, Patti wrote:
>>Forwarding message from Mark Carlsonˇ
>>Patti Iles Aymond, PhD
>>Senior Scientist
>>Bioterrorism Preparedness & Response
>>Innovative Emergency Management, Inc.
>>Managing Risk in a Complex World
>>8555 United Plaza Blvd.   Suite 100
>>Baton Rouge, LA 70809
>>(225) 952-8228 (phone)
>>(225) 952-8122 (fax)
>>From: Mark Carlson - Conneva, Inc. [mailto:conneva@gmail.com]
>>Sent: Thursday, January 26, 2006 11:37 AM
>>To: Aymond, Patti
>>Subject: Fwd: Suggestion: Add incidentKeyword to contentObject
>>I tried sending this message to the group, but
>>the list server rejected my message.  Could you
>>forward, please?
>>I'm quite sure everyone is hoping for no more
>>changes to the EDXL-DE schema at this point.
>>However, as I have begun to work with the
>>schema in our resourcing prototype, I have
>>observed that while there are incidentID and
>>incidentDescription elements in the
>>contentObject, there is no provision to classify
>>the incident using a valueListURN/value pair.
>>This would seem to be necessary for consistency.
>>In other words, if it is a good idea to have an
>>incidentDescription and incidentID in the
>>contentObject, there should also be an optional
>>incidentKeyword to classify the incident.
>>Mark Carlson
>Rex Brooks
>President, CEO
>Starbourne Communications Design
>GeoAddress: 1361-A Addison
>Berkeley, CA 94702
>Tel: 510-849-2309
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Rex Brooks
President, CEO
Starbourne Communications Design
GeoAddress: 1361-A Addison
Berkeley, CA 94702
Tel: 510-849-2309

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