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emergency message

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Subject: Reminder - EM-TC telecon Tuesday 4-4-06

Dear EM-TC Members,

Please be reminded that we will have the EM-TC telecon on Tuesday 4-4-06 at 12:00 EDT.  On the meeting notes as drafted, the OASIS symposium meeting times are not correct (my fault).  What is currently planned for is listed below.  There is some room for adjustment but we need to nail this down on our call tomorrow.  A tentative agenda for our telecon follows. 

1.  Attendance
2.  Meeting notes from 3-21-06 meeting
3.  OASIS Symposium Plans We need to make the most of our time together.  Please be prepared for the TC meeting 4-4-06 with goals for the intense two day period that we will have together in San Francisco.  We will also have a presentation from the DM program on one of the days. 

4.  OASIS Staff and EM-TC meetings in DC 3/28/06. 
5.  EDXL-DE Errata.  Whoever has details on this be prepared to speak. 
6.  Implementation Subcommittee. 
7.  Subcommittee reports.

We are still awaiting a call number via SAIC.  Check the calendar just before the meeting for the call in information.

Elysa Jones, Chair

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