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emergency message

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Subject: Re: EDXL Resource Message


The Subcommittee will review and get back to you with any questions or 
clarifications required.  Thanks for your input.

Elysa Jones, Chair
Engineering Program Manager
Warning Systems, Inc.
256-880-8702 x102

At 04:40 AM 4/25/2006, Jon Skeels wrote:
>Elysa:  I appoligize for the delay in getting to this.  I have started
>working on this and have questions and need further information.  In your
>note, you reference the "Draft Resource Messaging Specification".
>Unfortunitly I do not have the copy that was submitted by the EIC.  I did
>have a draft which is dated August 12, 2005, but did not find it useful in
>providing my response.  My guess is that my response is very incomplete and
>will require much more information.
>The comments provided in the "EDXL RM draft comment" column on the sheet
>you sent uses words like "included".  In this case I assumed that you have
>enough information and don't need any additional.  Where it states "Need
>Definition", I have provided a response.
>It should be noted that the ROSS Project Team is currently developing a
>Enterprise Service Bus architecture for message exchange.  As with any
>systems project that use an iterative approach to requirements, design,
>develop, test, and deploy; we have made many important discoveries and
>improvements upon the approach we are taking to implementing a Services
>Oriented Architecture (SOA).  The work we are doing will be used for
>interfaces with many systems external to ROSS.  In the early running, this
>will include 2 Computer Aided Dispatch Systems (CAD Systems) which are used
>in the Wildland Fire focus area, Qualifications and Certification Systems
>(for incident personnel), and several Finance Systems.
>My guess is that we will have improved upon many (and perhaps developed
>specifications for new), if not all of the message packages I discussed
>with the EIC.
>Hopefully this helps.  If not, please advise.
>(See attached file:
>Jon C. Skeels, PMP
>Senior Project Manager
>WO-Fire & Aviation Staff
>Information Systems Project Office
>USDA Forest Service
>740 Simms St
>Golden, CO 80401
>Phone: 303-236-0630
>Fax:   Â  303-236-5221
>Cell:    303-902-1897
>"Life should NOT be a journey to the grave with the intention of arriving
>safely in an attractive and well preserved body, but rather to skid in
>sideways, Champagne in one hand - strawberries in the other, body
>used up, totally worn out and screaming WOO HOO - What a ride!"
>              Elysa Jones
>              <ejones@warningsy
>              stems.com>                                                 To
>                                        <allen_deitz@nifc.blm.gov>,
>              03/14/2006 05:41          <jskeels@fs.fed.us>
>              PM                                                         cc
>                                        <jcrosby@nifc.blm.gov>,
>                                        <Suzanne_Acar@ios.doi.gov>,
>                                        <Chip.Hines@dhs.gov>,
>                                        <ltincher@evotecinc.com>,
>                                        <tgrapes@evotecinc.com>,
>                                        <rexb@starbourne.com>,
>                                        emergency@lists.oasis-open.org
>                                                                    Subject
>                                        EDXL Resource Message
>Mr. Deitz and Mr. Skeels,
>My name is Elysa Jones, Chair of the OASIS Emergency Management Technical
>Committee.  During October of 2005, the EDXL Resource Messaging
>requirements and specification was submitted to OASIS for standards
>review and formalization under the OASIS process.
>The requirement was submitted by the Emergency Interoperability
>Consortium (EIC), the Department of Homeland Security's Disaster
>Management e-Gov Initiative, and the Standards Working Group (SWG) it has
>Jon Skeels and Judy Crosby have participated in this Standards Working
>Group process, and I understand that Mr. Deitz is the formal contact
>representing the NWCG. At the time of submission to OASIS, Mr. Skeels
>provided a document “Proposed_EDXL_Message_List”, which was included as
>an addendum to the submission to OASIS for additional consideration.
>To assist the OASIS technical committee, further information is required
>in order to adequately consider this input.  The original document
>provided by Mr. Skeels is attached with brief annotations / initial
>impressions.  For each bulleted message where it is felt that the
>draft Resource Messaging Specification does not adequately cover, we
>respectfully request that you provide the following information:
>1.    Definition of each message and it’s purpose
>2.    Actors involved (who might send and receive this
>3.    For each, list any message elements not covered by
>the spec
>4.    Definition of additional message elements
>recommended and the purpose of each.
>Mr. Skeels and his colleagues were very involved with and supportive of
>this SWG process for resource, and we are happy to consider this
>additional input.  We look forward to your reply, and to your
>continued participation in the process to help make this standard the
>best it can be.
>Elysa Jones, Chair
>Engineering Program Manager
>Warning Systems, Inc.
>256-880-8702 x102
>256-694-8702 cell (See attached file:

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