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emergency message

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Subject: EDXL-Distribution Element

Hello TC Members,

Today is the last day of the EDXL-DE ballot.  We currently have the required 15% (actually 16% now) of the OASIS wide membership for ratification!  It was nip and tuck there in the last few hours of business on Friday, be we made it (providing folks don't decide to change their vote before 6pm EDT today).  Thanks to everyone for all the hard work on this "Standard" - okay, Committee Specification until tomorrow.  The official announcement will be made by OASIS tomorrow May 1.  Once that is done, we can really shout. 

Any of you having implementations that would like to participate in the publicity of this, let me know.  We will be looking for companies that want to be quoted in the PR piece that OASIS will do.  I am sure the EIC will do one as well. 

I look forward to the fielded implementations of the EDXL-DE, just in time for hurricane season.  We now need to focus our energies on the work we have ahead -HospitalAVailabilityExchange (HAVE) and Resource Messaging (RM).  I hope to see you all in San Francisco with your sleeves rolled up and ready to tackle these next projects.

Thanks also to the DHS/DM program and the EIC for their support in facilitating this important work.

Again, thanks to you all for the hard work that is allowing us to put forth data standards for the critical work of supporting emergency management. 

Best regards,
Elysa Jones, Chair
Engineering Program Manager
Warning Systems, Inc.
256-880-8702 x102

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