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emergency message

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Subject: IF-SC and EM-TC Meetings Today

Call in details:  605-725-3600, access code 236489  for both meetings.

There will be an IF-SC meeting at 11:30 EDT today, May 2.  David Ellis will lead the discussion.

The EM-TC meeting will follow at 12:00 EDT
1.  Attendance
2.  Meeting Notes from 4/18 (please be prepared to provide any corrections/comments
3.  Face to Face in San Francisco
5.  Implementation SC

The following has been submitted by the co-chairs of the planned implementation SC as to their charter and deliverables.

EM-TC Implementation Subcommittee
Co-Chairs: Dr. Aaron Temin and Mr. Josh Shows

The EM Implementation Subcommittee was created by the Emergency
Management Technical Committee (EM-TC) to assist those who wish to
implement the EM-TC's standards within software and hardware systems,
and to provide feedback to the EM-TC on implementers' experiences in
implementing those standards.

The subcommittee will provide the following deliverables to the EM-TC:

* Update the EM-TC wiki with useful information for implementers
* Create, update and augment implementation guides for all standards
* Provide email support for EM-TC members with implementation questions
* Provide feedback to the EM-TC on implementation issues that may affect
future standards

See you all on the call,

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