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emergency message

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Subject: EM-TC Call today 10/31 12:00 EST - Vote on HAVE, please be there

Greetings EM-TC Members,

We will have our telecon today at 12:00 EST at 1-605-725-3600, dial 
in code 236489.  I have sent to the list draft meeting notes from the 
10/3 and 10/17 meetings as well as those from the September meetings 
that need to be reviewed/corrected and approved.  Please review the 
meeting notes from these meetings so that we can be prepared to 
review/correct and approve these on the call.  Also, the HAVE draft 
is ready for us to vote to accept now that several corrections have 
been made as well as some internal TC comments addressed.  The agenda 
for the meeting is as follows:

1.  Attendance
2.  Meeting Note review/approve 9/5, 9/18, 10-3, 10-17
3.  HAVE Vote for Committee Draft and Public Review
4.  Geneva ITU Update
5.  Member Section Discussion
6.  EIC Meeting upcoming
7.  Resource Face to Face
8.  SC Reports

Elysa Jones, Chair
Engineering Program Manager
Warning Systems, Inc.

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