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emergency message

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Subject: FW: Draft Report of WG "Emergency Management" - YOUR INPUT IS REQUIRED

Dear EM-TC members,  Please see the following dialog and report by the European Commission with respect to "Risk, Disaster and Emergency Management."  We have been asked for input but there is no time to respond by their deadline.  I would like, however, for us to respond - even if after this date.  I would like for us to discuss this on the call today if possible.  Thanks, Elysa

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Subject: FW: Draft Report of WG "Emergency Management" - YOUR INPUT IS REQUIRED
Date: Mon, 13 Nov 2006 10:15:32 +0100
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Hello Elysa, Carol,
The attached report is from a recent workshop on Emergency Management held at the European Commission.
There are several areas in this report where information about the OASIS activities on emergency management are relevant.  I would be happy to send some updates to the Commission (e.g. send some pointers to the TC page and specifications the TC has produced),  but would appreciate your guidance as an expert in this field.   Could you provide me with some input? Any suggestions welcome.
Kind regards,
Pim van der Eijk
OASIS European Representative
Email: Pim.vanderEijk@oasis-open.org
Mobile: +31 6 22502011
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From: Jorge.Pereira@ec.europa.eu [ mailto:Jorge.Pereira@ec.europa.eu]
Sent: 08 November 2006 17:23
To: Jorge.Pereira@ec.europa.eu
Subject: Draft Report of WG "Emergency Management" - YOUR INPUT IS REQUIRED
Importance: High

Dear "Risk, Disaster and Emergency Management" Colleagues,

Please find attached the promised Report on the WG on "Risk, Disaster and Emergency Management" for your comments - Anything forgotten? Any new ideas?...

<<Draft Report - EMERGENCY.doc>>
I would like to remind you that we would also need additional information on relevant

- Ongoing RTD projects
- National Initiatives
- European Initiatives
- Global Initiatives
- Reference Documents

Also, we would welcome your contributions concerning REMEDIAL ACTIONS to address the identified (and others you might think of) Issues/Problems/Barriers.

As discussed, we remain open to any suggestions, and any additional input you might want to make.

Given that we are sending the draft report back to you only today,  as not all of the participants/contributors were properly accounted for, we would like to receive your input by 13 Nov noon time (but preferably earlier) in order to be able to incorporate all of them and send a final area report back to you the 14th Nov.

Note that some more generic recommendations/input will be taken into consideration for the Draft overall meeting Report you will receive by 15th Nov - it is being prepared in parallel.

Please send your contributions to
INFSO-G5@ec.europa.eu   CC: Jorge.Pereira@ec.europa.eu

including "Risk, Disaster and Emergency Management WG", or just "Emergency WG", in the Subject

Best Regards,

Jorge Pereira


Dr. Jorge Pereira
Principal Scientific Officer
European Commission
DG Information Society and Media
Components and Systems
ICT for the Environment

Office BU 31 05/43
B-1149 Brussels

Tel +32 2 296 1547
Fax +32 2 299 4353

NEW email: Jorge.Pereira@ec.europa.eu   <<< NEW

Draft Report - EMERGENCY.doc

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