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Subject: Core Components



I have been attending various NIEM meetings lately and it has become apparent to me that we may have a basic need that should be discussed.  We are focused on message structure and that has worked very well for us, but the underlying components (elements/attributes) that we use in these standards are not standardized within our own working environment (call it the EDXL Domain for the time being).


I would like to propose a discussion within the TC to see is this idea is worth pursuing.  If it is something that we believe should happen (basically all of our message structures would draw from the EDXL Core Components) we would need to devise internal mechanisms for adding/modifying and potentially in some cases retiring (deprecating) them.  In addition – if all is agreed to I would like to suggest that a team be put together to determine if we would like those component to be NIEM compliant – being a public standards body I don’t know if OASIS would wish to align themselves in that fashion or not.


Please let me know your thoughts.




'We the unwilling, led by the unknowing have been doing the difficult with little for so long that we are now ready to tackle the impossible with nothing.' -- Local Fire communications reserve volunteer motto


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