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emergency message

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Subject: Proposal for Presentation atOASIS Symposium 2007

A very quick discussion must ensue if we are to put in something jointly through the TC members.  The due date for submission is tomorrow.  

I shall be fleshing out the following and beginning to write a 1000 - 2000 brief on the subject matter.  

It seems ideal to draw from past and planned interop demos as well as our individual experiences and anticdotes regarding involvement of eBiz/eGov in incident response. Data would needed to be supplied quickly.

Below is a first pass at an introductory statement, showing applicability of the presentation to the OASIS Symposium theme of eBiz/eGov.

Best regards,

Michelle Raymond
cell: 612 703-9825

Emergency Incidents of any size or source have the capacity to disrupt business, government and 'life' as usual. 

Increasing reliance on electronic information exchange may impact the level of disruption. However, well managed information exchange during an incident may also provide business, government and other organizational structures means for direct involvement in mitigation of the incident and its aftershock. In some cases it may even enable specialized operational functions that can bring in alternate revenue and positive publicity for the participating entities.

Keys to success include: 
data access during an incident,
information sharing expedited by data format and vocabulary standards within organizational silos,
resource registries,
common model and protocol structure for information exchange and integration into incident response systems,
and other applicable Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) practices.

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