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emergency message

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Subject: Re: [emergency] Proposal for Presentation atOASIS Symposium 2007


As those of you who attended the EMTC meeting may know, there is an
extension on the proposal for the OASIS Symposium talks.  (As for me,
I was busy luxuriating in having the day off, lost in a Fantasy novel.
 When I emerged, just now, I found the meeting over.)

The deadline for proposals is now January 5, 2007.

I shall get a rewrite out in the next day or two. (I technically have
until Jan. 2 off from work, so shall have time to make modifications
and take in editorial comments from the group.)

The essence of the rewrite is to:
-  keep mostly at a high level
-  focus on the ways standards interoperate
-  showcase how standards can be used to strengthen an architectural
framework for emergency incident command and response
-  tie together information representation and communication policies
for both general eBiz/eGov and specific silos with knowledge
management during incident response
-  draw conclusions about how continued and future standards work
would facilitate better emergency response, incident mitigation and
overall interoperability in systems and knowledge sharing/building

The rewrite is scenario based and brings in the technical to show the
"realizability" of the story described. Brief technical overviews of
architecture, interoperability with support tools and communications
protocols are included throughout the scenario.

I'll get a draft out for comment and if needed we can setup a telecon
for discussion.

Best regards,


On 12/16/06, Michelle Raymond <michellearaymond@gmail.com> wrote:
> OK times up.  I submitted the attached.  There are definite
> modifications and additions I'm sure we'd all like to make.
> I think that, if any are willing, we could continue to put a little
> effort in over the weekend and resubmit.
> Best regards,
> Michelle

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