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Subject: DHS/DM looking for input on OPEN

The EIC has sent out a request for input from the vendor community about the use of OPEN as shown below in blue.  I wanted to extend this offer to those in the EM-TC as well.  If you have any inputs, you can send them to the EIC secretary Tracy Ryan <tracy.ryan@cox.net> Thanks, Elysa

"OPEN is intended to make it easier for the vendor community to implement standards so that emergency responders can easily exchange information when they need to, without regard to the specific products being used.  DHS is supportive of a robust vendor community that will work to best meet the needs of their customers and intends for OPEN to help in that process by:

        Making it easier and cheaper to implement standards in your products

        Providing an environment to test and develop message exchange standards, and a means to demonstrate these to the public

        Providing a service where customers can connect easily and exchange information via standards with anyone else who is using standards compliant software

        Helping to level the playing field so that vendors can compete on the way in which they meet the needs without sacrificing the ability to exchange information

Of course underlying this is the real goal of achieving the ability for any emergency organization to seamlessly share information with any other.  So, what kinds of changes could we make in OPEN that would help with these goals?  What have we been doing right, and what mistakes have we made?  How important is OPEN to EIC in helping to move towards standard implementation?  Does the documentation and support meet the need? "

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