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Subject: FW: USHIK and the HAVE standard

FYI – below are additional comments on HAVE.





From: ljreece@knowsol.com [mailto:ljreece@knowsol.com]
Sent: Tuesday, January 30, 2007 12:57 PM
To: Sukumar Dwarkanath
Subject: Re: USHIK and the HAVE standard




I never received a posting login; did you receive the message below I sent directly to you?  it was also sent directly to the listserv, but probably didn't get through; it didn't bounce, though.









> I've registered for the list but have not had a confirmation so I'm forwarding the comments to you as well.  IF the confirmation comes through tomorrow morning, I'll post it then.


>Notes: -Typo in value of BedType:OpeatingRooms has been corrected to OperatingRooms                                                -Typo (?) in EMSAirTransportStatus >and  EMSAmbulanceStatus Comments: repeated phrase: average offload                                     

>-ClinicalStatus attribute in Figure 1 appears to be ClinicalOperations element in Data Dictionary (page 48) (which is >correct?)                                                   

>-CommentText is not used directly by Hospital, as claimed in CommentText element.     Correct?                

>-OBGYN Class has an OBGYN element - the only duplicate name in the model.    Is this intended?                      

>-The bolding of element names in the dictionary has been preserved in the spreadsheet.  There is no apparent pattern to the bolding.    Does the bolding carry >any meaning?                 

>-The element EOCStatus has two permissible values, but no value meanings.  Value meanings for the purpose of USHIK and the ISO/IEC 11179 standards are a >name and definition of what the values represent.



>Laura Reece, Ph.D.


>USHIK Project Team




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