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emergency message

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Subject: Upcoming EIC meeting

Dear EM-TC Members,

Please find the attached email notification about the upcoming 
Emergency Interoperability Consortium (EIC) nominations for the board 
and meeting.  If you are already a member, please vote for the board 
position.  These board members will serve as the initial steering 
committee for the Emergency Interoperability Member Section.  If you 
are not already a member of the EIC and would like to join, contact 
information for Tracy Ryan is included below.  Information about 
membership and the purpose of the EIC can be found at www.eic.org.  I 
am also including the agenda for the EIC meeting that will occur 
2/13/07 in Washington, DC.  The initial meeting of the member section 
steering committee will occur at the same facility at 3:00.

Elysa Jones, Chair
Engineering Program Manager
Warning Systems, Inc.

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>Subject: 2007-2008 EIC Board Elections and Meeting Reminder!
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>EIC Members,
>Attached, you will find the slate of nominees for this year's EIC 
>Board elections.  As a reminder, there are three seats open for two 
>year terms, running through 2007 and 2008.  Member organizations are 
>asked to cast one vote for */each/* of the three seats, and forward 
>your votes to _tracy.ryan@cox.net_
>Voting is opened upon receipt of this notification, and will remain 
>open through Monday February 12th.    */
>/*Our next meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, February 13th, 1-3pm 
>EST, in Washington, DC*/.  Additional details, including agenda and 
>dial-in information for those unable to attend in person will be 
>sent later this week.
>** As a reminder:  Annual membership forms are due.  For additional 
>information, please refer to the details below.
>Thank you!
>Tracy Ryan
>Board, Emergency Interoperability Consortium
>703.242.8445 (ofc)
>*1.  Annual Membership Renewal and Dues:*  The EIC's fiscal year 
>coincides with the calendar year.  As such, it is time for all 
>parties to renew their membership and remit payment for dues 
>appropriate to the organization.  Dues are determined on a sliding 
>scale based on organization type, and revenues.  Membership provides 
>information and access to an unlimited number of contacts within a 
>member organization, however the EIC does require that 
>primary/voting contact(s) be identified.  Please see the attached 
>2007 invoice form for more information.
>In order to be considered /a member in good standing/, the attached 
>membership invoice must be comleted and returned to the EIC as soon 
>as possible.  Dues are due, and payable in full, upon submission of 
>the completed invoice.**
>Completed forms should either be sent electronically to Tracy Ryan 
>(tracy.ryan@eic.org), mailed with a check to the address on the 
>invoice, or faxed Attn: Tracy Ryan (703.242.8445)
>** A completed Membership invoice received by the EIC will be 
>considered a financially binding commitment to the EIC.  the EIC 
>will therefore extend consideration to those committig to membership 
>by providing additional time for dues payments to received, allowing 
>for varying procedures and processing times within our member 
>organizations.  Dues */must/ be received* no later than 60 days from 
>receipt of invoice, or the EIC membership will be considered invalid.
>*2.  EIC Board Elections:*  The Board seats admirably held by Matt 
>Walton of Steris, Jeff Flading of General Dynamics and Chris Couper 
>of IBM will be eligible for election to two year terms starting in 2007.
>The process for Board Elections is as follows:
>    **Nominations:   *The nomination period is open, effective receipt
>     of this email.  Nominations may be sent via email to Tracy Ryan
>     (tracy.ryan@eic.org) and will be accepted through Friday January
>     26th, COB EST.  Those nominated will be asked to please provide a
>     short (paragraph) bio for inclusion in the formal Election slate
>     of candidates.  /We request that no more than *one* candidate from
>     any member organization be submitted for consideration of these
>     seats.
>/    **Board Seats:*  In accordance with the EIC charter documents,
>     elections are held for general Board member seats. Upon completion
>     of a successful election process, the newly seated Board will vote
>     to place members into the positions of Chair, Vice Chair and
>     Secretary at their first Board Meeting.  These positions will be
>     held by those individuals for the remaining duration of their
>     term.  The EIC membership will be notified of the Board officers
>     immediately following the successful conclusion of this process.
>   **Voting Process****:  A slate of nominees will be compiled and
>     circulated to the EIC membership on Monday February 5th, at which
>     time the voting process will officially be opened.  Voting will
>     close on Monday February 12th, with the election results announced
>     at the February meeting of the EIC Executive Committee, on
>     Tuesday February 13th..  /*Only* members of the EIC in good
>     standing/ will be allowed to cast votes for the open Board seats.
>     Each member organization may cast one vote for each open Board seat.

EIC 2-13-07 Meeting Agenda.doc

2007 nominees.doc

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