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Subject: Re: EDXL-Reference Information Model

On 3 Apr 2007, at 23:42, Rex Brooks wrote:

> I think we will have two primary lines of thought wrt the EDXL-RIM:
> 1: Defining Abstract Concepts (with Reference URLs where  
> appropriate) for Common Components:
> 	EDXL-DE Dependency;
> 	ValueListTypes with Keywords (hopefully using XMDR and ISO 11179  
> NDR);
> 	geo-oasis: Where for TargetArea - Location citing OpenGeospatial  
> Consoritum GML;
> 	ContactInformation  using CIQ;
> 	Scheduling Types reusing what we have developed for EDXL-RM;
> 	Conceptual Conformance to DRM 2.0 as feasible;
> 	Conceptual Conforimance to NIEM as feasible;
> 2: Abstract Information Modeling:
> 	Hierarchical DOM-like Modeling of Information Structure;
> 		EDXL-DE Message Routing;
> 		Security and Non-Repudiation;
> 		Individual Specification Content Payload;
> 	Message Exchange Patterns;
> 	More

Hi all - sorry to be late in responding....

Thanks for the ideas so far Rex - looking good...

In essence, I think we are defining an reference model for "crisis  
information management" and
we should look at existing work (as noted above).

Rex, will you add some stuff to the Req document and send out?

Cheers...  Renato Iannella

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