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emergency message

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Subject: CAP 1.1 Standard and ITU-T Recommendation

Dear TC Members,

As we were busy with our face to face meeting last week the ITU folks 
were busy working on integrating our CAP 1.1 Standard into their 
format and process.  They produced two recommendations that are 
attached for your review.

The first is to be an exact representation of our existing CAP 1.1 
Standard in the ITU Recommendation format.  They were required by 
their guidelines and process to make changes to some of the normative 
references we used.  Other than that it is supposed to be a 
match.  The second attachment is a recommendation for the addition of 
ASN.1 encoding.

The ITU team has requested that we respond by May 1 on these 
recommendations.  I have been working with OASIS Staff to consider 
how to move forward as expeditiously as possible.  Different members 
of the staff are working to ensure we follow the proper IPR, process, 
etc.  For example, ASN.1 needs to be "contributed" to OASIS for this purpose.

If we agree as a TC that this is indeed a complete and correct 
description of our Standard and we agree to accept the ASN.1 encoding 
that it is technically equivalent to our Standard, and therefore 
non-substantive, we could process this document through the OASIS 
process as an errata.  This appears to be the most efficient way to 
proceed given the OASIS process.

The changes to the normative references need to be studied in some 
detail.  It has also been noted that in ITU recommendation that in 
the DOM, Response Type is not specified correctly.  It is, however, 
correct in their Data Dictionary.  They did not have the benefit of 
the correction to "assess".  As you recall, we listed "assess" in our 
data dictionary but it was not listed in the schema and we have 
already prepared errata document for that (thanks to Patti and 
Rex).  This errata has been voted on by the TC but not yet submitted 
for 15-day public comment.

Since there is already one noted discrepancy in the ITU 
recommendation (between their DOM and data dictionary), I am hopeful 
that they will make this minor correction as well as the one for 
"assess" and we can move forward without them having to go through 
another recommendation cycle.  I think we are all in agreement that 
it would be best if these Standards can track directly and do not splinter.

With there only being less than a week for us to meet their requested 
response time, I am hopeful that all of you will take a good hard 
look at these changes and post any questions/comments to the 
list.  If we break this task up into pieces, it may help.  The more 
eyes the better.

1.  Read/compare documents word for word and list any discrepancies
2.  Study the normative references to be sure they are correct
3.  Validate the ASN.1 notation is a correct representation and 
technically equivalent to the XML schema

Jamie Clark and I are doing #1, others please join in.  Could a 
couple of you agree to comb through the references and compare?  Is 
there one or more of our members who are (or have access to someone 
that is)  ASN.1 knowledgeable that can verify the ASN schema, please 
identify yourself and work this part.

Please respond to this note with your willingness to take on a task, 
then we can start a discussion list on each task.  Also with your 
response, let me know 2 or 3 times when you would be available for a 
telecon to discuss over the next few days.  I suggest we schedule one 
for either Thurs or Fri evening when Renato and Karen might be 
available and possibly one for Sunday or Monday evening.  We have a 
normally scheduled TC meeting on Tues, May 1 where we can do any 
final voting that may be necessary.  Other suggestions welcomed.

In the interest of public safety worldwide, let's take this time to 
get this work complete!  However, let's make sure it is 
correct.  Thanks to all of you and your hard work and contributions.

Warm regards,
Elysa Jones, Chair
Program Manager
Warning Systems, Inc.
256-880-8702 x102
256-694-8702 (cell)



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