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Subject: CAP 1.1 Standard and ITU-T Recommendation - TC Task 3 (ASN.1)

Thanks Eliot!  I will also post this to the list.  I have renamed the 
subject and this will begin the ASN.1 task 3 thread.  Please reply to 
this thread with any comments.  Elysa

At 10:39 AM 4/26/2007, Eliot Christian wrote:
>Hi Elysa
>In the given ASN.1, the values in the enumerated lists are all listed
>with initial characters in lower case. The XML version has used upper
>case as the initial character. I doubt that ASN.1 really cares about
>the capitalization of string values, so I'd suggest these be changed
>to match the XML string values. (Note that the ASN.1 usage results in
>this peculiar-looking value: "cBRNE").
>I'm feeling that the comments in the "area" element are not quite
>as clear as they need to be. In section 1.5 of the standard, there
>is a note about the representation of each point with coordinates
>given as a comma separated pair of signed decimal degrees in the
>order of latitude followed by longitude. Perhaps this definition
>of a geographic point as represented by a "lat,lon" coordinate pair
>could be copied into the ASN.1. Then, the ASN.1 could describe a
>"circle-list" as: "A space-separated list of circles with each circle
>defined by the geographic point at its center point, a comma, and the
>circle radius; the radius unit being given in kilometers". (As it
>stands now, it is not very clear where the spaces and commas belong.)
>The description of "altitude" also should note that its unit of measure
>is "feet above mean sea level".
>I would also mention one other comment about "area", particular to
>the polygon. We ought to have stated that the "winding order" of points
>around the polygon is counter-clockwise. This is difficult for software
>to infer, and the inference procedure would be just plain wrong for any
>area that extends more than halfway around the Earth, e.g, the Pacific.
>At 10:12 AM 4/26/2007, you wrote:
> >Dear TC Members,
> >
> >As we were busy with our face to face meeting last week the ITU 
> folks were busy working on integrating our CAP 1.1 Standard into 
> their format and process.  They produced two recommendations that 
> are attached for your review.
> >
> >The first is to be an exact representation of our existing CAP 1.1 
> Standard in the ITU Recommendation format.  They were required by 
> their guidelines and process to make changes to some of the 
> normative references we used.  Other than that it is supposed to be 
> a match.  The second attachment is a recommendation for the 
> addition of ASN.1 encoding.
> >
> >The ITU team has requested that we respond by May 1 on these 
> recommendations.  I have been working with OASIS Staff to consider 
> how to move forward as expeditiously as possible.  Different 
> members of the staff are working to ensure we follow the proper 
> IPR, process, etc.  For example, ASN.1 needs to be "contributed" to 
> OASIS for this purpose.
> >
> >If we agree as a TC that this is indeed a complete and correct 
> description of our Standard and we agree to accept the ASN.1 
> encoding that it is technically equivalent to our Standard, and 
> therefore non-substantive, we could process this document through 
> the OASIS process as an errata.  This appears to be the most 
> efficient way to proceed given the OASIS process.
> >
> >The changes to the normative references need to be studied in some 
> detail.  It has also been noted that in ITU recommendation that in 
> the DOM, Response Type is not specified correctly.  It is, however, 
> correct in their Data Dictionary.  They did not have the benefit of 
> the correction to "assess".  As you recall, we listed "assess" in 
> our data dictionary but it was not listed in the schema and we have 
> already prepared errata document for that (thanks to Patti and 
> Rex).  This errata has been voted on by the TC but not yet 
> submitted for 15-day public comment.
> >
> >Since there is already one noted discrepancy in the ITU 
> recommendation (between their DOM and data dictionary), I am 
> hopeful that they will make this minor correction as well as the 
> one for "assess" and we can move forward without them having to go 
> through another recommendation cycle.  I think we are all in 
> agreement that it would be best if these Standards can track 
> directly and do not splinter.
> >
> >With there only being less than a week for us to meet their 
> requested response time, I am hopeful that all of you will take a 
> good hard look at these changes and post any questions/comments to 
> the list.  If we break this task up into pieces, it may help.  The 
> more eyes the better.
> >
> >Tasks:
> >1.  Read/compare documents word for word and list any discrepancies
> >2.  Study the normative references to be sure they are correct
> >3.  Validate the ASN.1 notation is a correct representation and 
> technically equivalent to the XML schema
> >
> >Jamie Clark and I are doing #1, others please join in.  Could a 
> couple of you agree to comb through the references and compare?  Is 
> there one or more of our members who are (or have access to someone 
> that is)  ASN.1 knowledgeable that can verify the ASN schema, 
> please identify yourself and work this part.
> >
> >Please respond to this note with your willingness to take on a 
> task, then we can start a discussion list on each task.  Also with 
> your response, let me know 2 or 3 times when you would be available 
> for a telecon to discuss over the next few days.  I suggest we 
> schedule one for either Thurs or Fri evening when Renato and Karen 
> might be available and possibly one for Sunday or Monday 
> evening.  We have a normally scheduled TC meeting on Tues, May 1 
> where we can do any final voting that may be necessary.  Other 
> suggestions welcomed.
> >
> >In the interest of public safety worldwide, let's take this time 
> to get this work complete!  However, let's make sure it is 
> correct.  Thanks to all of you and your hard work and contributions.
> >
> >Warm regards,
> >Elysa Jones, Chair
> >Program Manager
> >Warning Systems, Inc.
> >256-880-8702 x102
> >256-694-8702 (cell)
> >
> >

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