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emergency message

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Subject: Fwd: TC members to JOIN EI MS

Hey TC Members,  The Emergency Interoperability Member Section is now 
accepting members.  See Dee's directions below for what to do.  Elysa

>Hi Elysa,
>Please encourage all EM TC members to become 'supporting entities' of the EI
>Member Section by asking their primary rep. to send a message requesting
>affiliation to the EI MS by sending an email to
>member-services@oasis-open.org. Once this is done, please ask them to join
>the EI Member Section by going to
>http://www.oasis-open.org/apps/org/workgroup/emergency-ms/ and select 'join'
>at the left above 'group notes.'
>Individual members are eligible too; they will send the same email.
>Let me know if you have questions.
>Internal Virus Database is out-of-date.
>Checked by AVG Free Edition.
>Version: 7.5.441 / Virus Database: 268.18.4/702 - Release Date: 2/25/2007
>3:16 PM

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