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emergency message

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Subject: CAP and ITU Recommendation, Meeting Notice

Dear TC Members,

In lieu of getting meeting notes out (will catch up as soon as 
possible), I wanted to update you all on the call from 
yesterday.  The agenda for the call was specifically to address the 
three tasks posted to the list recently with respect to the ITU 

Basically, for the three tasks, we agreed with 1) the corrections 
noted on the excel spread sheet were valid with a couple of notes 
that I'll finalize and re-post, 2) the references were equivalent, 3) 
the ASN.1 schema was appropriate, equivalent and valid.  Although we 
agreed with these things in principle, we will have another meeting 
in the next couple of days (and when I get the red-line draft 
complete) to actually vote the changes.

We are currently looking at adding the ASN.1 schema directly into the 
document as 3.5 with appropriate text from the ITU X.CAP2 
integrated.  In this way, the OASIS and ITU document can be as 
closely aligned as possible.

The TC agrees also that these changes/clarifications/equivalent 
coding scheme constitute a non-substantive change to CAP 
1.1.  Therefore, we can chose to take action on this as an Errata.

The group agreed to try to make another call on Friday, May 4 at 
12:00 EDT.  It is my plan to have the document ready prior to that 
time for final review.  Please set this time aside if possible.  If 
you are not available at that time and you are a voting member of the 
TC, reply to this message with a better date/time for you.  If any of 
you have reservations about the approach so far discussed, please 
post it to the list.

Warm regards,
Elysa Jones, Chair
Program Manager
Warning Systems, Inc.
256-880-8702 x102

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