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emergency message

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Subject: Fwd: EIC Meeting Tomorrow May 8th...An Invitation... and This Week's Events

Please find the information below about the upcoming EIC meeting 
5/7/07.  EM-TC members are welcomed to dial into the call or come by 
if you are in DC. Elysa

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>Date: Mon, 07 May 2007 09:40:10 -0400
>From: Tracy Ryan <tracy.ryan@eic.org>
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>X-ASG-Orig-Subj: EIC Meeting Tomorrow May 8th...An Invitation... and 
>This Week's Events
>Subject: EIC Meeting Tomorrow May 8th...An Invitation... and This 
>Week's Events
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>*EIC Members,*
>*REMINDER*:  _May EIC Meeting_ will be held tomorrow, Tuesday May 
>8th, at 3:30pm EDT.
>Location:  Department of Homeland Security
>               1120 Vermont Avenue, NW
>               10th Floor Conference Room 10-1022
>               Washington, DC  20005
>               Rob McIntyre  x6755
>Dial-In:     800-320-4330   PIN # 340912
>An agenda for tomorrow's meeting is attached.
>*AN INVITATION:  HSIA Networking Reception, Tuesday May 8th from 
>5:30 - 7:30pm EDT
>*All members and friends of the EIC and our colleagues at DHS are 
>cordially invited to participate in the Homeland Security Industries 
>Association Networking Reception, being held at the new offices of 
>CCIA (The Computer & Communications Industry Association) on 17th Street.
>There is no charge to EIC members to attend this event.
>*Please RSVP to Bruce Aitken, President of HSIA at BEAitken@aol.com*
>HSIA Networking Reception
>Tuesday May 8th
>5:30 - 7:30pm EDT
>900 17th Street, N.W.
>Washington, DC
>** Note that the CCIA offices on 17th street are across the square 
>from the Faragut North Metro Stop
>*THIS WEEK, DON'T MISS! :  Office for Interoperability and 
>Compatibility (OIC) Industry Roundtable
>*Wednesday and Thursday, May 9th - 10th at the Ronald Reagan 
>Bulding, Washington, D.C.
>Be there on Wednesday for the session on "_Emergency Interoperable 
>Standards Efforts_" starring our own Elysa Jones (EM TC Chair; 
>Engineering Project Mgr, Warning Systems Inc), and our colleague and 
>supporter Chip Hines (Program Manager, Disaster Management e-Gov 
>Initiative, DHS) 1:45 - 3:15pm
>For more information:  http://oic.csrincorporated.com

EIC 05.08.07 Meeting Agenda2.doc

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