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Subject: Review of EDXL-RM


I have completed a review of the EDXL-RM committee specification.

I used the version at


since I thought it was the most current one when I downloaded it, but I
later realized that there had been four updates since I downloaded it.  (Too
late to change the line numbers.)

I have taken care to avoid commenting on any issue that was already present
in the Issues List, but something may have slipped through.

The line numbers are those present in the version that I used, not those in
the latest version of the document.

I will soon submit my comments through the OASIS web tool.

I am not sure whether my comments should count as public review comments or
as internal comments from the TC membership, since I am now a voting member
of the TC (but not yet of any SC).  But I don't know if this makes any

Alessandro Triglia

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