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emergency message

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Subject: TC Meetings Today

TC Members,

Call in details for the meetings today are 605-725-3600, pass code 236489

There will be a meeting of the IF-SC at 11:30 EDT and an EM-TC 
meeting at 12:00.

During the TC meeting Sarah Jones of SEARCH will provide an overview 
of the Justice Information Exchange Modeling (JIEM) methodology and 
tool, which have proved useful as an approach to documenting the 
contextual requirements of information exchange in a public safety 
setting.  In addition to introducing the tool and methodology, SEARCH 
will walk the TC through a requirements model for Hospital 
Availability developed earlier this year on a pilot project with DHS, 
which showed the applicability of the tool in the emergency 
management domain. A brief description of the JIEM methodology is available at

A WebEx meeting number will be provided during the call to view the 
presentation.  Please join me in welcoming Sarah to our call today.

Elysa Jones, Chair
Program Manager
Warning Systems, Inc.

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