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emergency message

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Subject: Re: [emergency] HAVE comments - explicitly identifying thenormative parts in the data dictionary

Title: Re: [emergency] HAVE comments - explicitly identifying the
Terrific Sukumar, Alessandro!

This applies directly to EDXL-RM, too. We should also discuss a proposal Tuesday that we discussed in today's EM-Msg SC meeting: Normatively define geo-oasis:WhereType in an EDXL-HAVE Appendix (because it will be done first) and reference it in EDXL-RM.

This would include a clear note in the text for this specific appendix that our long term goal is to help OGC define a standard geo-oasis profile, which we can reference in future versions of EDXL specifications, while also explicitly allowing the use of any properly specified and namespaced Coordinate Reference System.


At 12:42 PM -0400 9/27/07, Dwarkanath, Sukumar wrote:
We reviewed all of Alessandro's comments (it was a grueling 3.5 hr session), and many comments could be attributed to an underlying theme - lack of information in the data dictionary that explicitly identified the normative parts. As a resolution, many of the comments can be addressed by the following items:
-         Separating the comments row into two rows: Constraints (which will include normative language) and Comments (non-normative), and
-         Including a few sentences at the beginning of the data dictionary that identifies that the data dictionary is non-normative, except for the following: 'Element', 'Usage' and the new 'Constraints' row. The schema would be identified as normative, which I think was an implicit understanding.  
So, my suggestion is to include the above given that:
-         it is directly relevant to compliance
-         it would not take too much effort to create the above pieces since, following the new compliance requirements from OASIS, I had earlier identified the normative pieces in the HAVE specification. If we decide on Tuesday, I can have an updated version by the end of the week.
-         it addresses most comments
I wanted to run it by the TC to get view and thoughts from others
Most of the other comments are editorial and can be incorporated quite easily. It definitely provides clarity. I feel a few of them should be deferred to the next release. I will post the document with the suggested disposition soon.
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