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emergency message

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Subject: RE: [emergency] EDXL-HAVE and SOA / B2B use cases / implementation models

A Reminder for our Committee and other SDO's of all Kinds (with apologies to
Ogden Nash)

OASIS creates
Standards of choice.
Standards design 
Where we have a voice.

PLEASE keep it simple
For programmer use.
Complication's no more 
Than programmer abuse.

Too much hoo hah
And talk of what's "critical"
Sounds to most programmers
Like BS political.

How do we build it?
We just want to know.
Make it seem easy.
Adoption will grow.

Use some big words
To describe simple things,
And watch us ignore you.
You won't even get pings.

If we don't understand 
We will not comply,
And use of your standards 
Will shrivel and die.

So, do not confuse us.
Be explicit, direct, 
Or your "stuff" and ours
Will not intersect.

We'll just ignore you 
And be on our way.
We will build what WE need
And YOU can "have a nice day."

(Note: I do love you folks and am happy I can still help to some extent!)

Gary A. Ham
Grandpa can do IT!

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