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emergency message

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Subject: RE: [emergency] EDXL-HAVE and SOA / B2B use cases / implementation models

Great to have you back, Gary!  Elysa

At 08:42 PM 12/11/2007, Gary Ham wrote:
>A Reminder for our Committee and other SDO's of all Kinds (with apologies to
>Ogden Nash)
>OASIS creates
>Standards of choice.
>Standards design
>Where we have a voice.
>PLEASE keep it simple
>For programmer use.
>Complication's no more
>Than programmer abuse.
>Too much hoo hah
>And talk of what's "critical"
>Sounds to most programmers
>Like BS political.
>How do we build it?
>We just want to know.
>Make it seem easy.
>Adoption will grow.
>Use some big words
>To describe simple things,
>And watch us ignore you.
>You won't even get pings.
>If we don't understand
>We will not comply,
>And use of your standards
>Will shrivel and die.
>So, do not confuse us.
>Be explicit, direct,
>Or your "stuff" and ours
>Will not intersect.
>We'll just ignore you
>And be on our way.
>We will build what WE need
>And YOU can "have a nice day."
>(Note: I do love you folks and am happy I can still help to some extent!)
>Gary A. Ham
>Grandpa can do IT!
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