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emergency message

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Subject: Reminder OASIS Telecons Today


There will be an infrastructure subcommittee telecon at 11:30 EST today.  The dial in information is 605-725-3600, pass code 236489.  Tom has posted an agenda on the SC site. 

We will use the same number for the EM-TC meeting to follow.  The agenda for that meeting is as follows:

1.  Attendance, welcome new members, etc.
2.  Review, correct and approve meeting notes if quorum is available
3.  Presentation by Dave Webber on the JCAM (Joint Content Assembly Mechanism) Specification.  The slides for this presentation can be found in the EM-TC document repository.  A public link is also available at http://www.oasis-open.org/committees/download.php/26892/EDXL-CAM%202008%20-%20Webber.ppt
4.  Subcommittee Reports IF, GIS, Msg/Not, Adoption.
5.  HAVE Status
6.  EIC Report
7.  Other business

The EM-TC meeting is scheduled for 12:00-1:30 today. 

See you on the call,
Elysa, Chair

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