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emergency message

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Subject: Re: EDXL - reference template implementation example

Thanks David,

This is excellent. I will be using it myself.

The next EM TC Adoption SC meeting is a week from this Friday, but 
because a key member will be touring the Australian Emergency Reponse 
Community, which is closely aligned with ours, I asked that we 
postpone having you make a presentation to the EM TC Adoption SC 
until his is back from that trip. So, Feb 22 is the date that we 
would like to have you make your now well-worked-out presentation to 
the Adoption SC on Friday, Feb 22, 2008.

Just for good measure, you might want to give some thought to how 
this model will apply to EDXL-RM (Resource Messaging) which has 16 
separate messages. My plan is to use this model for those messages.

We voted Thursday to take EDXL-RM forward to its second 60-Day Public 
Review. I have already started work on a full implementation myself 
targeting the local counties in the SF Bay Area, starting with Santa 
Clara, as the county most likely to understand the benefit of 
standardized IT. I am teaming up with David Coggeshall whose work was 
the subject at the IRSC meeting you attended January 16. We have a 
lot of local connections. The next target on our list will be Contra 
Costa, which, like Arlington, VA  has a quite advanced Emergency 
Operations Center. As far as I  know the Committee Draft version I 
uploaded last week will be the Public Review version with name 
changes in the title and filename.


At 8:21 PM -0700 2/2/08, David RR Webber \(XML\) wrote:
>I've completed the implementation reference sample.
>  http://www.drrw.net/CAM/samples/EDXL/EDXL-sample-subset.zip
>With this you can review the EDXL XML small hospital sample - then 
>validate that with the CAM template - and then generate the EDXL 
>Report example using the transform script.
>You can view these directly here:
>XML sample -
>  http://www.drrw.net/CAM/samples/EDXL/EDXL-sample-small-hospital.xml
>CAM template -
>  http://www.drrw.net/CAM/samples/EDXL/EDXL-subset-template.cam
>Rules documentation -
>  http://www.drrw.net/CAM/samples/EDXL/content-usage-report.html
>  http://www.drrw.net/CAM/samples/EDXL/EDXL-report.xsl
>Final resulting report -
>  http://www.drrw.net/CAM/samples/EDXL/results.html
>Hope this helps people putting together their own implementation examples.
>Enjoy, DW

Rex Brooks
President, CEO
Starbourne Communications Design
GeoAddress: 1361-A Addison
Berkeley, CA 94702
Tel: 510-898-0670

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