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emergency message

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Subject: Vote today - quorum needed


As you all know the TC has been working to get EDXL/HAVE finalized 
before the 2008 hurricane season.  We had a little set back last week 
when a couple of items were brought up that needed to be corrected 
before the Committee Specification vote.  To accomplish these 
corrections, a 15-day public comment period will be 
required.  Although this is a delay, it is necessary for the OASIS 
process and allows us to publish a document that has absolutely no 
known deficiencies.

Sukumar has posted the documents for your review, the items have been 
discussed on the list and posted in the draft meeting notes from 
2/5.  Please review these and be prepared for a vote for the following:

1)  These changes represent no substantive changes
2)  Accept the new posted document as a Committee Draft
3)  Take this Committee Draft to 15-Day public comment

Carl has graciously allowed us to take the first 5-10 minutes of his 
GIS SC call at 12EST to take care of this vote.  Please plan to call 
in at that time using 512 225 3050 pass code: 36429#.  We will also 
vote to accept the meeting notes from the 2/5 meeting.  Either send 
to me ahead of time or have any comments/corrections to these meeting 
notes ready to provide at noon.

See you all on the call,

PS - I accidently uploaded the 1/31/08 draft meeting notes first - 
those have already been approved.  The 2/5/08 meeting notes are the 
ones to review for today's meeting.  Sorry to clutter your email 
boxes and for any confusion.  

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