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emergency message

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Subject: Emergency Management Vocabulary alignments?

I just found out that the NIEM V2.0 has a whole domain for Emergency Management that supports the National Incident-Based Reporting System (NIBRS).

You can use NIEM online tools to explore these:

 http://ncsconline.org/niemwayfarer  (best)

and also


There's a whole raft of information for emergency stuff - that we have - that is duplicative - such as vehicle, bed, etc.

I see others have already been here ahead of me.

So for example we have bed, vehicle, etc information - searching in Wayfarer shows those. 

Bed search results:

Matching Elements	

Obviously we also have these in our schema.

Now of course the NIEM is a giant boat anchor of a XSD fur ball.

However - I could see the case for aligning to the dictionary - so that names/definitions are equivalent - so you have published 100% correspondence for interoperability.

This may be as simple as producing a spreadsheet with OASIS item and then the NIEM equivalent item... have we done that already?

Of course one may want to create subset schema that include only those definitions extracted from the NIEM xsd fur ball - and built as a standalone xsd that is maintained independently thru OASIS.

Is that essential what we have done?


Just coming up the learning curve here!

Thanks, DW

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