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emergency message

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Subject: OASIS Calls today


OK - here is the plan.  We will have our meetings today one hour later.  Tom has already posted information for the IF-SC (not sure if the number will change - check the calendar and list just before the call if possible).

For certain, the EM-TC call will be at 1:00 Eastern, one hour later than normal.  There will be NO Msg/Not SC call following.  The dial-in details are 1-800-320-4330  Pin #: 918821 and will be posted on the calendar shortly.  I am wrapping up the notes from our last meeting and will post those shortly as well.

If you are AT the symposium and able to attend, I will also be posting a location as soon as it is confirmed.  If you do not see this before the meeting time, just dial into the 800 number above (local time will be 10). 

We will plan to have an informal get-together this evening after the reception.  We will plan to gather at the reception and make our plans from there.  Rex will not be able to join us as he will only be here for Wed and must catch a train at 6.  I trust everyone here will be there to hear his presentation at 2:30 on Wed.  He will be available at 3:30 afterward before he has to catch his train.  I suggest we have a brief meeting at that time   for those that are available just to touch base. 

Neither the Tues evening or Wed afternoon meetings are for the purpose of quorum and do not count for voting eligibility.  My mobile number is posted below if you need to reach me while at the symposium.

Elysa Jones, Chair
Warning Systems, Inc.
256-694-8702 (mobile)

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