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emergency message

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Subject: Corrections to 4/29

Please review the following as updates from Geoge to the draft 
meeting notes from the NWS/WMO meetings.  I will move this to other 
topics. Elysa

>Below is a revised description of my comments.
>Should this be part of the GIS SC Report?  Currently they are, but
>perhaps they should be in the "6. other topics"
>George Percivall attended a WMO meeting hosted by the NWS in Silver
>Springs, MD on the topic of data representation.  George and Dave
>Webber attended parts of the 3 day meeting on behalf of the EM-TC.
>WMO established an expert team to review data representation systems,
>in particular the existing WMO standards of GRIB and BUFR.  Several
>newer standards were discussed - see link below.  A paper was
>presented on CAP and ASN.1 based upon ITU Recommendations ITU-T X. 
>1303, X.680 to X.683, and X.690 to X.695.  The paper was presented by
>Eliot Christian who has been promoting CAP in the Global Earth
>Observing System of Systems (GEOSS).  CAP is now registered in the
>GEOSS registry for standards.
>- WMO Expert Team on Assessment of Data Representation Systems (ET- 
>ADRS) meeting:
>     http://www.wmo.ch/pages/prog/www/WDM/ET-ADRS-1/Documents.html
>- GEOSS Registry includes an entry for OASIS CAP
>- Use of CAP in a GEOSS Oil Scenario

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