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emergency message

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Subject: Meetings on Tues


We will have the following meeting schedule for Tuesday:

Infrastructure-SC 11:30-12:00 EDT

EM-TC 12:00-1:00 EDT
Review/approve meeting notes from 5/13 meeting
Summary of FCC (CAP for EAS) meeting 5/19
Summary of EIC meeting 5/21
HITSP-OASIS discussions
SC Reports
RM vote - During this meeting we will vote on the documents posted 
for the RM 15-Day Review.  Since this is the main work of the Msg/Not 
SC, that group will not meet following the EM-TC call.

Instead, following the EM-TC call, there will be the first meeting of 
a working group established out of the adoption SC to talk about the 
use of/mechanism for profiles.  This is in response to the immediate 
need for a profile for the broadcast community, CAP for EAS.  We look 
forward to participation from anyone interested in this topic.

Please be present so that we will have a quorum for our notes review 
and for the RM 15-day PR.

Have a safe and wonderful holiday - not forgetting the reason.

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