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Subject: EDXL-RM notes from last OASIS EM-TC meeting 6/24



In looking over the last meeting minutes from 24 June, I saw the notes on EDXL-RM:


EDXL/Resource Messaging – The 15-day public review ends 7/5.  Rex reported that no comments have been received.  We must get statements of use lined up now.  Rex is working on an open source application that will help companies jump start their development and will be ready to release it in a couple of weeks. 
Tim Gillmore will be posting some testing information - 600 or so pages of procedures.  Tim Grapes recommended that we get a message out about RM need for the statements of use now.  Elysa has and will again post to the EIC group to ask for this.  Others are also encouraged to do so for lists they are involved with.   Rex will use Msg/Not time for next meeting to work with folks on open source.  then move the work to the adoption SC. 



I just wanted to be clear that I had mentioned that I had put together some internal draft testing procedures but I never said I would be “posting some testing information”. They are based off of the EDXL-RM public review I participated in to create some form of internal draft test procedures for the NIMS Support Center.


Tim Gilmore
Test and Evaluation Engineer
SAIC / NIMS Support Center
606-274-2063 Office
606-274-2012 Fax
606-219-7882 Cell




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