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emergency message

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Subject: Re: [emergency] CAIRNS - Initial Open Source Release

Thanks Renato,


I will certainly make sure this is announced in the various 
communities I work with.

I'm about to announce my own EDXL-RM open source project on SourceForge.

The collaborative grou I've been trying to build, the Integrated 
Response Service Consortium (IRSC) is involved in a Collaborative 
Expedition Workshop Oct. 7 at NSF in DC. I will include mention of 
CAIRNS in that venue. Would you like to send a small set of slides, 
with a script, or, better, would you like to participate? While this 
is a US-centric, federal inter-agency community, I would like very 
much to show how the OASIS specifications are gaining international 
traction. However, the report would need to be short, like a press 
release or newsbrief to fit in the whole workshop. I think it would 
be an excellent note to strike, but I would have to get agreement 
from the convenor, Susan Turnbull of General Services Administration. 
I'm copying the IRSC group.

Congratulations, Again,

At 1:42 PM +1000 8/18/08, Renato Iannella wrote:
>Dear colleagues,
>CAIRNS (Cooperative Alert Information and Resource Notification 
>System), one of the outcomes of work done within the SAFE project 
>[1] at NICTA, has been released today as Open Source under the BSD 
>CAIRNS is a demonstrator of technologies that can be used to 
>construct an interoperable CIMS (Crisis Information Management 
>System) architecture. Specifically, CAIRNS implements the following 
>XML-based emergency messaging standards
>  - EDXL - Distribution Element
>  - EDXL - Resource Messaging
>  - Common Alert Protocol (CAP)
>CAIRNS documentation [2] and source [3] are available now.
>Dr Renato Iannella
>Principal Scientist, National ICT Australia (NICTA)
>Level 5, Axon Building #47, Staff House Rd, St Lucia, QLD, 4072, AUSTRALIA
>[t] +61 7 3300 8520  [f] +61 7 3300 4820 [m] +61 4 1313 2206
>[e] renato@nicta.com.au [w] <http://nicta.com.au>http://nicta.com.au
>[im] <skype:riannella>skype:riannella <aim:renatoi2003>aim:renatoi2003
>[1] <<http://nicta.com.au/safe>http://nicta.com.au/safe>
>[2] <http://cairns.sourceforge.net/>
>[3] <http://sourceforge.net/projects/cairns/>

Rex Brooks
President, CEO
Starbourne Communications Design
GeoAddress: 1361-A Addison
Berkeley, CA 94702
Tel: 510-898-0670

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