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emergency message

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Subject: Fwd: Reminder: OPEN Meeting - Integrated Open Source Applicationof EDXL-RM

Hi Everyone,

This came in just a moment ago, so now we have 
the call info for tomorrow's 

Best Regards,

>Date: Tue, 14 Oct 2008 14:40:02 -0500 (CDT)
>From: "FEMA (Federal Emergency Management 
>Agency)" <fema@service.govdelivery.com>
>Subject: Reminder: OPEN Meeting - Integrated Open Source Application of
>X-TokenInfo-OBO: 27315
>X-AccountCode: USDHSFEMA
>To: rexb@starbourne.com
>X-Subscriber: TsrdVC99ue3n6ELEBIiGbFbYuM6DJAWi
>X-Nonspam: Statistical 64%
>[Please do not reply to this address.  Please 
>contact the author directly. For further 
>assistance, contact 
>or <mailto:amoore@emforum.org>amoore@emforum.org 
>Integrated Open Source Application of the 
>Emergency Data Exchange Language Resource 
>Messaging 1.0 Specification (IOSA-EDXL-RM)
>The DM OPEN SIG will meet tomorrow, Wednesday 
>October 15, 12:00 Noon Eastern.  If you are new 
>to the OPEN Mail List, we hope to see you in our 
>Live Meeting audience.   We will be looking for 
>our regular participants as well and expect a 
>lively exchange when we open the floor to 
>questions and comments from the meeting 
>Our meeting will feature a discussion and 
>demonstration of the Integrated Open Source 
>Application for Emergency Data Exchange Language 
>Resource Messaging (IOSA-EDXL-RM), a project 
>that is developing a sample, Web-based, 
>conformant implementation of the OASIS EDXL-RM 
>1.0 Specification for resource information 
>exchange in emergencies.
>Rex Brooks, President and CEO of Starbourne 
>Communications Design, and OASIS EM Technical 
>Committee member, will provide background 
>information and a demonstration of the sample 
>implementation. He will be joined by David 
>Coggeshall, San Francisco Communications MapLab 
>Project, to demonstrate geospatial integration 
>within a Common Operating Picture application, 
>providing a sample context for deployment.
>To participate Wednesday October 15, 12:00 Noon Eastern:
>(1)   Login to MS Live Meeting for visuals: Not 
>earlier than 30 minutes before the scheduled 
>meeting - login to Live Meeting using the 
>following link: 
>(2) Call in Number: 1-800-320-4330  PIN: 993468
>IMPORTANT: If you have not logged into Live 
>Meeting before, please check out the following 
>connection instructions and participant 
>guidelines prior to the meeting date and time:
>If you are unable to participate in next week's 
>meeting due to other commitments, a recording 
>will be accessible from the OPEN SIG 
>Presentations Archive at
>Update your subscriptions, modify your password 
>or e-mail address, or stop subscriptions at any 
>time on your 
>Preferences Page. You will need to use your 
>e-mail address to log in. If you have questions 
>or problems with the subscription service, 
>please contact 
>This service is provided to you at no charge by 
>Policy | GovDelivery is providing this 
>information on behalf of U.S. Department of 
>Homeland Security, and may not use the 
>information for any other purposes.
><http://www.fema.gov/>  <http://www.dhs.gov/>
>	FEMA  U.S. Department of Homeland 
>Security  Washington, DC 20472  1 (800) 
>621-FEMA (3362)

Rex Brooks
President, CEO
Starbourne Communications Design
GeoAddress: 1361-A Addison
Berkeley, CA 94702
Tel: 510-898-0670

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