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emergency message

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Subject: Please get your OASIS Standard vote in on the EDXL/HAVE and EDXL/RM

Dear Friends,

We are VERY close to having all the votes we need for the HAVE and RM 
Standard!  We only need 5 more for HAVE and 13 votes for RM.  These 
votes must be in by Oct 31 as that is the date the ballot will close.

The following EM-TC members or observers have not yet voted:  AtHoc, 
BAE Systems, France Telecom, LA County, ManTech, MITRE, MyStateUSA, 
Lockheed-Martin, NASA, Galdos, NOAA/NWS, National Center for State 
Courts, NuParadigm, Previstar, Ratheon, Sandia, Search Group, 
Thomson, University of CA Berkley and viaRadio.

If you are the voting representative of one of these companies, 
please cast your vote.  If you have any questions about how to do so, 
email or call me and I will help walk you through the ballot process.

If we do not have sufficient votes by the weekend we'll have to begin 
our marathon effort of getting in touch with and educating voting 
representatives about the value of our work.  The ballot will close 
10/31.  Please get your vote in now and don't wait for others to do it.

Thanks to the hard work of many people on this Technical Committee we 
are so very close to completing two more standards.  These Standards 
will provide the basis for the data interoperability required to 
support emergency messaging and exchange for key resources.  I look 
forward to being able to make this announcement next week.

Elysa Jones, Chair
OASIS Emergency Management Technical Committee
CTO, Warning Systems, Inc.
256-880-8702 x102

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