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emergency message

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Subject: Emergency Interoperability (EI) Member Section Steering Committee Election Now Open

Greetings EI Member Section Members,

The Emergency Interoperability (EI) Member Section Steering Committee
Election is now open; voting closes at 5:00 PM EDT on 12 - November -2008.

This year, the EI Member Section will elect two Steering Committee members
to serve two-year terms. 

Each EI Supporting Entity has one Qualified Elector who casts the single
vote on behalf of his/her organization. Unless otherwise designated, the
organization's Primary Rep serves as the Qualified Elector, see current
. The Primary Rep may defer the voting member role to another employee
member by sending an email to member-services@oasis-open.org; any such
change should be in place before the ballot is cast.

Cast your vote by email to **sc-election@oasis-open.org**, your message
should ranked preference for the candidates.  Start with 1, continuing until
you have no further preference for the remaining candidates.  

1 First Candidate name
2 Second Candidate name

Your candidates are alphanumerically listed:

Matt Walton
Jeff Waters

The candidate profiles may be found at:
located in the 'Steering Committee Candidates’ folder.

The voting will be by email, with the results tallied via the Single
Transferable Voting (STV) - Scottish Method.
See http://stv.sourceforge.net/Details.html and

We encourage all EI Member Section Members to vote in this election!

Remember, vote by email to sc-election@oasis-open.org. Deadline is 5:00 PM
EDT on 12 - November -2008.

I am happy to answer any questions. Thank you in advance for your

Best regards,
Dee Schur

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