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Subject: RE: [emergency] OASIS EDXL-HAVE v1.0 standard - comments and questions

These are all good catches.  I've noticed one or two aspects in the past myself - such as the last update date/time.
I've not had time to develop answers on each specific item - I'll defer that to others on the team that are closer to implementation nuances.
However - on the development of test suites and templates for validating local use patterns - I would suggest looking at the OASIS CAM approach - to compliment the basic EDXL HAVE schema.  This should allow you to tailor your specific needs and overlay these on the base model - then generate appropriate XML test instances.
See tutorial here:
Thanks, DW


-------- Original Message --------
Subject: [emergency] OASIS EDXL-HAVE v1.0 standard - comments and
From: "Gilmore, Timothy" <TIMOTHY.D.GILMORE@saic.com>
Date: Wed, November 26, 2008 9:30 am
To: <emergency-comment@lists.oasis-open.org>
Cc: <emergency@lists.oasis-open.org>

Oasis members,
I am writing this to address some issues I have found with the latest OASIS EDXL-HAVE v1.0 standard dated 1 November 2008. I have written some internal test procedures for the NIMS STEP program for vendors wishing to submit EDXL-HAVE related products as well as for their evaluation of NIMS concepts and principles. Here is a list of comments and questions I came across while putting together my test procedures:
  1. Page 10 shows the Document Object Model (DOM) and in various places it shows “Comment Text” as allowing for multiple instances as indicated with the asterisk (*). However, many places on the DOM don’t have the “Comment Text” element with the asterisk for “multiple instances allowed”. Is this an over site or should they be listed as they are (some with and some without) or one way or the other? The Supporting elements and types on page 60 show <have:CommentText> as OPTIONAL and not listed as “May use Multiple”. So this is a bit more confusing.
  1. Page 10 shows the DOM and under OrganizationInformation shows the CIQ supporting element “OrganizationInfo” which should be spelled as “OrganisationInfo”. The “z” should be an “s”.
  1. Page 10 under EmergencyDepartmentStatus shows only supporting element “CommentText” * which is listed on page 15 with other sub elements such as EMSTraffic, EMSCapacity, EMSCensus, EMSAmbulanceStatus, EMSAirTransportStatus. It seems that “CommentText doesn’t fit into the same categories as the other sub elements on the DOM. This is also more confusing.
  1. Page 10 under EMSTraffic, it lists sub elements EMSTrafficStatus, EMSTrafficReason. However, on page 15 it lists EMSTraffic with once again the confusing listing of “CommentText” which seems out of place or needs to be better described / documented.
  1. Page 16 indicates element <have:EMSCensus> with a “TriageCount” Type. This seems confusing again because the DOM on page 10 shows “TriageCount” as an element.
  1. Page 10 under EMSAmbulanceStatus does not list “CommentText” as it does on page 19/20 as a sub element. Again confusing.
  1. Page 10 under Offload does not have any supporting element documentation on what I would expect to see it listed on page 20 as an element and not a Type. This would relate to elements <have:EMSOffloadStatus> and <have:EMSOffloadMinutes>. Confusing to figure out.
  1. Page 22 shows element <have:HospitalbedCapacityStatus> with sub element “BedType”, yet page 10 on the DOM it indicates a sub element of “CommentText”. Confusing.
  1. Page 10 under ServiceCoverageStatus does not indicate a complete list of sub elements. On page 29 there are many more not listed on the DOM (page 10).
  1. Page 36 lists <have:OBGYN> and the listing is identical to <have:OBGYNWithLaborDelivery>. How does one know when to use one vs the other if they are identically listed?
  1. Many places in the document list “Surgery Services” and also lists “Surgical Services” interchangeably. For consistency sake, make them one or the other.
  1. Page 60 lists element <have:LastUpdateTime> as Required. Is this Required once only, Multiple use or Conditional? The constraint listed would seem to indicate this should be listed as Conditional.
  1. CIQ elements on page 62 to 69 do not use the standard element format of <have:elementname> but instead leave out the <have:    >. Is this correct?


Thank you for reading my concerns for these issues.


Timothy Gilmore

NIMS STEP Test and Evaluation Engineer


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