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emergency message

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Subject: Re: [emergency] Reminder: CAP-EAS Profile SCMeeting Scheduled

That looks like a good approach, Rex.  Might I suggest we take it a
little further into the specifics?

What I had in mind was a CAP 1.1 element-by-element tabulation of the
constraints posed by EAS (using the industry recommendation as a
starting place), the cellular alerting program (from the FCC CMAS Report
and Order)  the NOAA distributions (per the HazCollect OPEN interface),
along with additional columns for any other constraint-sets we identify.
 Of course we could also have rows for non-element-specific concerns as
well, and they too would be cross-tabbed against the constraint-sets.

That tabulation would make it easy to identify any conflicting
requirements between the systems.  I suspect we'll find only a few, and
that those probably can be resolved by engaging with the implementers. 
(We have an advantage here in that only one of those interfaces has
actually been implemented yet, and even that one is still undergoing
refinement, so we should encounter only minimal "legacy" resistance.) 
In most cases I think we'll find the various requirements can be
reconciled without duplication.  Eventually the final column of the
table will describe the recommended harmonization, aka The Profile.

If that makes sense to folks I can take a stab at it today.  I won't try
to get all the constraints plugged into their columns on the first cut,
but hopefully we can share the work and get inputs from each system's
proponents to flesh those out pretty quickly.

- Art

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