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Subject: For review this week: CAP Profile requirements crosswalk

Friends -

Attached please find a slightly updated (with input from NWS) draft of
a simple, one-page requirements crosswalk for the CAP IPAWS Profile. 
The subcommittee working on this hopes to nail down this document next
Tuesday.  Therefore, if you see any other constraints placed on the
actual CAP message format by the listed systems that we may have missed
in this draft, now would be the time to call them to our attention,
preferably before the end of the week so we have time to think about
them a bit before our meeting.  

Please note: We're looking ONLY at constraints on the actual CAP
message that must be satisfied at the input to each U.S. national
delivery system.  We AREN'T concerned here with system-internal rules or
guidelines about how such messages will be processed downstream in those
systems.  Neither are we doing a "wish list" for future CAP  versions,
nor trying to harmonize every CAP implementation in existence.  Our goal
here is solely to identify what requirements need to be part of a common
profile based on CAP 1.1 that will meet the needs of our primary U.S
alerting systems.

Also... so we don't get flooded with different versions of the
document, I'd ask you simply to identify any additions or edits in an
email, either directly to me or to the list as you prefer.  Of course,
if you need to add a whole bunch of material, feel free to edit the
spreadsheet, but in that case please send it directly to me and I'll
edit it into the revised version.

Finally, wherever possible, please provide a citation of the source of
any added or amended requirement.  This will be part of our record for
this process, so we want to make sure our results are auditable and

Thanks for giving this a look!

- Art


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